Abel Macias

Abel Macias is a mixed media artist and painter, currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He is a first generation Mexican-American, born in Atlanta, GA. Growing up, he spent much of his youth in his parents’ native Mexico. His experiences in the small towns of Mexico helped develop an early and long-lasting affinity for vibrant colors and handcrafted folk artistry. He studied at Pratt Institute and then graduated with his BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design.

Macias’ studio work is an exploration of the accidental connections we both consciously and unconsciously make when processing our surroundings. Stretching the traditional definitions of painting and sculpture, his work occupies a playful and visceral middle ground that is formally undefined, and where meaning is located in the viewer. Macias operates from the vantage point where simple modifications to natural elements and found objects result in a powerful transformations and potentiation of wholly new possibilities into territories unknown.


Living in such a populated and ever-changing city such as New York, I am constantly aware of the waste that is being produced everywhere. In my day to day walks around the city I pay keen attention to the disposed remnants that gather at the edges of the streets and inside of dumpsters. When I am able to withdraw away from the city and go into wilderness, I also walk around collect the debris of nature, just the same. I am a collector and a gatherer. The studio work I am making now, relies on the imprinted essence of these found objects and materials that I gather both from nature and the urban world. I combine elements and transform them into valuable talismans that act as portals between two distant worlds.


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